Rhodes Global UK Scholarships

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August 2023


Rhodes Global UK Scholarships


1. The Rhodes Scholarships have only been given out in 20 constituencies (representing over 60 nations) up until recently. The Rhodes Scholarships are now awarded worldwide: Two brand-new Global Scholarships are open to qualified applicants (subject to nomination) from all over the world. The Rhodes Global Scholarship seeks outstanding young leaders who are motivated to address global issues and advance peace and understanding across borders.

2. Institution - Oxford University in UK

3. A Rhodes Scholarship pays for all tuition and fees at the college and pays a living allowance of £18,180 per year (AY 2022/23); allowance for settling in, health insurance, visa, and two economy-class flights to and from the UK for the start and end of Oxford studies.


1. On October 1, 2023, you must be between the ages of 18 and 23, or after October 1, 1999, but before October 2, 2005.

OR ii, in the case of older candidates who earned their first undergraduate degree later than usual. You must have graduated from your first undergraduate degree on or after October 1, 2022, and you must be under the age of 27 on October 1, 2023. c. Academic achievement: By July 2024, you must have earned an undergraduate degree (typically a Bachelor's) with a background and grade that meet or exceed the specific entry requirements of your chosen full-time course at the University of Oxford.

2. Candidates with a GPA of 3.70/4.0 or higher and a First Class Honor's Degree or an equivalent will have a better chance of being accepted to Oxford due to the intense international competition for seats.

3. To meet the University of Oxford's English language proficiency requirements for the Higher Level listed, you must have a sufficient level of English.

e. In the event that your initial application for the Rhodes Scholarships is rejected, you may reapply only once, and this time you must be in the same constituency, provided that you meet the eligibility requirements.
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