Physics: Motion, types, Terms and terminologies



This is the change in the position of a body in respect to time. It also involves how things move and what makes them to move.

Kinematics: This term describes how objects move without any regards to the forces causing their motion.

Dynamics: This term deals with the reason why objects move and the force that causes its movement.


                Types of motion

There are several types of Motion in life. I shall be making emphasis on four basic types of motion, namely:
  • Random motion
  • Translational motion
  • Circular and rotational motion
  • Periodic or oscillatory motion

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Random motion:  
It is the type of motion displayed by tiny molecules. In this type of motion, the body moves in a zigzag/haphazardly/disorderly pattern with no preferred direction or orientation. 

An example of such motion is the "Brownian Motion".

Brownian motion is an irregular motion of particles of various kinds suspended in water or of smoke particles, suspended in air or the motion of gas particles.

Translational motion:
     It is the type of motion of body on a straight line without rotating. An example a vehicle moves on a straight road.

Circular or Rotational motion:
    It is the type of motion of a body in circles. In this type motion , the body moves round a circles. An example is the motion exhibited in a ceiling fan.

Periodic or Oscillatory motion:
    It is the type of motion of a body to and fro about a fixed axis. An example is a body that performs oscillatory motion is a simple pendulum.

A body is therefore in motion when there is a constant change in it's position with time. This covers the basic knowledge of motion. If you have any questions  don't be shy , I will answer any of questions.


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