How to get a yellow circle round your cursor? | RealWorld Cursor Editor

Highlighted cursor

To get a yellow circle round your pointer on RealWorld Cursor Editor, you can follow these steps:

Download the Cursor Editor 

Step 1:
Open RealWorld Cursor Editor on your computer.

Step 2:
Create a custom cursor: edit Arrow head,  tail length,  outline width and outline Colour or choose "Open an existing cursor" if you want to edit an existing cursor.

Step 3:
Select the tool for adding shapes or overlays, and choose the shape you want to use. In this case, select a circle shape. Draw a circle round the cursor.

Step 4:
Set the color of the circle to yellow. Look for a color picker tool or an option that allows you to choose the circle's color. Use the color picker or enter the RGB or hexadecimal values for yellow, which are typically (255, 255, 0) or "#FFFF00," respectively.

Step 5:
Adjust the size of the circle to your preference. Look for options or handles that allow you to resize and position the circle around the pointer. You may need to experiment with the settings to achieve the desired size and position.

Step 6:
Once you're satisfied with the appearance of the yellow circle around the pointer, save your cursor. Choose the appropriate save option in RealWorld Cursor Editor and give your cursor a name.

Step 7:
Save the created Cursor on your PC. Preferably in a folder that is easily accessible.

Step 8:
So the next step is to replace the default mouse from settings.  From menu,  select "Change the mouse pointer display or view"

Step 9:
On the Pointers tab,  browse and add your newly created Cursor.

After completing these steps, your pointer should display a yellow circle whenever you use it. Remember to save your custom cursor for future use or modifications if needed.

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