ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop purple review 2019

ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop purple review 2019, You're almost as productive when you're out and about with Emetic's 11.6 "2-in-1 laptop. Powered by a quad-core 1.44 GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor,

 this purple laptop has 2GB of RAM, 32GB of solid-state storage, a 11.6" 1366. x 768 TN LCD touchscreen and an integrated Intel HD graphics chip.

A microSD card reader allows you to access compatible memory cards, while a USB 3.0 Gen 1 Type-A port and a USB 2.0 Type-A port allow you to connect printers, external storage drives, and other compatible USB devices.

ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop purple


 ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop purple

 A mini HDMI port allows connecting to an external monitor. The laptop can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, while Bluetooth support.০ support allows it to wirelessly connect to a nearby Bluetooth device.

 The 360 ​​° wrist allows you to place this 2-in-1 laptop on a desk, keep it keyboard-down for kiosk use, or squeeze all sides for use as a tablet. Windows 10 Home Installed Operating System.

ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop Windows 10

The starting sample

After its break in Windows 8, the Start menu is back with the Traditional interactive menu system and Windows 8 Live Tiles Advanced Start menu gives you more information at a glance, showing notification information with your app and other pinned items.

ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop Cortana

Cortana, Microsoft's digital personal assistant, can answer your questions with information from both your device and the Internet. If you have a microphone on your system, you can type or even talk to it. Using his notebook, Cortana tracks your needs and wants, and he learns over time to improve his data collection skills.

ematic 11.6 2 in 1 laptop Microsoft Edge

Nearly 20 years later, Microsoft has finally replaced its Internet Explorer web browser. With Microsoft Edge, users can write directly to a web page and share notes with friends and colleagues. The edges also have built-in Cortana integrations; It can help you find a restaurant, make reservations, and pull directions without leaving your browser.
Windows Store
Microsoft has integrated the Windows Store for Windows 10. Now, applications for PCs, tablets and phones will all be accessible from one place. And with the support of Universal Apps, a version of an app can automatically work on all your compatible devices.
Windows Continuum
Windows 10 was designed for different screen sizes and input styles, and with its Continuum feature it automatically adapts to your needs. A Windows 10 tablet needs a touch-centric approach to its own, but with the addition of a mouse and keyboard, everything will move to a more traditional functional interface. You can even attach an external monitor to your Windows 10 phone for an even closer desktop experience. But it's not just the operating system; Windows Universal takes advantage of apps as well as Continuum.
Xbox on Windows 10
A major focus of gaming Windows 7, Xbox integration allows PC players to match Xbox One players to supported games, and if you have an Xbox One, you can even stream compatible titles to your PC. Local support for recording with new game DVR features make it easier to capture and share your gameplay. The new DirectX 12 takes advantage of the multi-core processor, even giving games a performance boost over older hardware. Windows 10 also has native support for virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift.

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