Wisdom Point: The different facts of our earth

Sun is 109 times bigger than Earth. distance between two is 93 million miles. If we sit continuously in fastest airwaves flying at 600 miles per hour, it will take 18 years to cross distance.

Another example is Jupiter's bike. Jupiter's diameter is 88 thousand miles. There is a layer of clouds of thousands of miles of gas flowing over it. Due to distance of 48.13 million miles from Sun, rays reaching heat reach very cheaply, hence it is very cold. Other planets are close to sun. Our earth is only nine million miles away. Tues. 14. Million miles, Venus 6 .. Million miles and Mercury 3 .. Million miles Jupiter is self-dependent in many things, due to extreme distance being in Sun's kingdom. He has got complete colonial Autocracy, despite being a respected member of Commonwealth, he runs his activities only on his own.

In our solar family, there are 9 planets, more than 1500 small planetary bodies, besides 61 satellites, which are called middle planets. Covered stars, meteorites, and astronomers come under these diameter of this entire solar system is 1 conch, 18 billion kilometers. They all get light from sky Ganges.
Whatever is said in sky, in which universe is covered, it can be divided into four basic divisions in terms of understanding.
In first area, our earth, its atmosphere, magnetic field comes. upper part of upper atmosphere is composed of charged atoms, molecules, and electrons. In this area of sky, existence of matter is easily detected.
second area is - area spread between planets of Solar System. This area is full of thin and protruding gas from outer corpus of Sun (Corona). This is called 'plasma' or solar wind. Due to this wind, tail-stars are always in opposite direction of sun. This air makes earth's magnetic field a tail of tail.

third area is - between Earth and Sun, 50 times more than distance - distance between stars connected to our sky-galaxy ahead of solar system, here also part of wires is made of neutral and charged particles of matter. Thin gas
fourth area is sky - in which there are many other mysteries of sky like galaxy, and unseen pictures of them, strange planets and moon-stars. Both stars and constellations are different. Where stars shine with their light, there is no light in constellations. There are stars in light of sunlight, then it becomes luminous and we see them flickering.
sky in which we consider universe to be conclusive has been seen in different forms due to different assumptions from time to time. If we hear them today, laughter will come. About sky, Greeks of past believed that Gods of dwellers in clouds had a kingdom over whole sky. She is as strong as iron and hinges at centers of earth.

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