Knowledge hub: Relation between earth and other planets

South America's red Indian considers seven heavens, of which five are below two above the earth. They also vary their color, respectively blue, green, yellow, red, golden, violet and white. The rulers of these people are different people of different shapes-nature.

Similarly, what is the relation between the earth and its other planets, it has also been a matter of controversy. There have been different kinds of movements in opposition to the rendering, the rallies had to be tortured. Copernicus survived because of a perceived maturity than the other, but many of them were sued for posthumously. For the first time, the inhabitants of Poland were rendered by Copernicus, and the rendering of its proof of reasoning was done in the text 'On the path of excursion in sky circle'.

He was convinced that this rendition would prevent antiquity of Christian society from being strongly opposed to him, so he acted wisely, dedicated to the Father of Rome III, and from such a leopard, the bitterness did not arise even while refuting the ancient rendering. The move was successful for some days under the patronage of the Pope, but as soon as people read them closely, both the classes of Christianity Protestant and Roman Catholics went away after their opposition. Eventually, the book was seized by the order of the Pope. The culprits were punished on the doctrine whose consequences could have resulted in the death penalty. That's exactly what Copernicus had died since 73 years ago after the crime was imposed.
Otherwise, he could also be burnt alive like another astronomer, describing the earth as trekking. Galileo had to suffer heavy harassment on such repercussions. Many such scientists have been able to defend their beliefs regarding the astrology from the 16th to the nineteenth century, but ultimately the framework of universe of physics could emerge in this development order. It is credited solely to human exploration intelligence, which continues to persevere in the philosophy of greatness.
99 percent of the universe is zero. Only one percent of the area is surrounded by the constellation of the planets. It is estimated that there are billions of stars like Sun in existence in the sky. The stars are connected to the galaxies. They have come out from him and tied to him. The chicken gives the egg to them, and unless the children can do it, they go back with them. There are only such chickens in the sky, whose children have a complete headache.
Our galaxy is one million light-years long and 20 thousand light-years are thick. sun is a little chicken of this chicken, which is 33,000 light-years away from its mother, with its speed of 170 mph per second. They should not collide with each other or their egg-children do not get entangled with each other, so they have grabbed a large enough area for their picnic. Often these galaxies live 20 million light-years away from each other.

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