Wisdom Point: Number decrease in belief of spirituality

In eternal sky, dynamic galaxies also have their solar system, whose move is measured 24,300 miles per second. In this way universe is animate, it is continuously spreading, its unit is dynamic. Inactivity is not visible anywhere.

For this reason, scientists say that just like other planets and constellations, this solar system has also been created. Around center of his origins, his attraction went frightening due to the power of attraction. The attraction also arises from the proportion of the explosion to the distribution. He allows his family to scatter only to a limit. After this, he takes everyone together in one form and the family starts performing according to order. This phenomenon has occurred about various solar systems existing in universe.

Explaining this, scientists say that the way electrons of atoms rotate, same way in which changes in universe are visible along with movement, it is beyond the 'off-formation'. That is, the electrification where there is a single element, there is also its desire and consciousness, even if it has a subtle state with an electrical element and it has not yet been studied and reported to scientists. This fundamental independence is called 'La of In Determinacy' and based on which, now scientists have also said that all things in world are interconnected and interconnected in each other and engaged in same organization.
All worlds, from Earth, are bound to principles of mathematics from Earth to millions of distances, and scientists were then forced to believe that whole world was driven by same rational system. There are complete systems and order in nature and it is all subject to any world-wide, self-geo-power, human power.
What has been forgotten by the religions in the past days and reluctance to occasional reforms, has made thoughtful community anti-religion. number of those who are left behind in recognition of this belief is continuing and number of those who are is also continuously decreasing. criterion for justification and discrimination is such that the prevailing prevalence will not last long in this intellectual era. This also applies to religious sects.

If reforms in communal practices are to be adapted to the needs of the times, then increasing disobedience and contempt will not last long and religion will be considered as the spinal cord of life and social system. The facts speak on the head and the reality makes the place themselves.

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