Knowledge Hub: Faith provide strength of unity

The siege of human thought, to perform duties. Faith to create compulsions to adopt decency The philosophy of human dignity is religion itself. Remove it from him, then man does not have such a strong basis to prevent strong thinking from practicing unintentional thinking and worship.
Pure religion should say spiritual philosophy. It includes many useful assumptions. The existence of God belongs to this. The ubiquitous and equitable God, who feels around him, thinks that he not be misled even by secretly. Under his sordid arrangement, every condition has to suffer the painful rewards of unrighteousness. The only remedy for God's happiness and compassion is the meditation and the character's excellence-virtue and attachment to God. The good deeds performed on this basis receive a reward from which both people and the world can become prosperous.

Disobedience of religion and not accepting God is the only thing. If there is no regulator, duty is subject to desire. It does not have any compulsions Many people are very happy, social welfare-personal prestige are all three things that have full scope for falsehood and unethical behavior. Diplomacy in the field of politics. There is full scope for mischief in the name of the country of devotion. The detectives keep hiding constantly, and enough people wrap up in the conversation to take a different look.
 If an authentic member of the army wants to ask for the next program, he will always tell something about something. People in the business, trade-in-trade also take the shelter of unreal people. People have found legal and unlawful thousand tricks to escape the government offense, it is very difficult to maintain a policy paralysis in the name of civic duty.
It is an avalanche of faith and belief in religion that, after adopting, all paths of sarcasm stop and man can stand on the truth allegiance while taking a loss on the deficit. If the base is overthrown, the proficient person will not hesitate to prove the right to the wrong and go through the act. If the dam is broken, then the water can be flown anywhere by spoiling anyway.

Paradise hell-rebirth- In the late morning, the sense of imperfection and sureness of work benefits are gathered in the heart and after interfering with those ropes, man does not stagger with justification. Otherwise, after the adoption of non-Self, neither the temptation of heaven is in front nor the fear of hell. If the reward of the wrongdoings is not achieved by hand, it can be thought that it will never be found. On this basis, the courage to adopt criminal offenses becomes day-to-day.
It did not take the punishment immediately, it could mean that it will never have to suffer. Society can be seduced. He can be made an opponent by proving something of something. What about the government? Only a few percents of the perpetrators are caught and only one to two percent get the punishment. Those who find their shame and they become completely insatiable. Even after being imprisoned, the people who are skilled in the art of crime also accomplish the lack of coherence and lack of education.
 Looking at all these facts, there is only one way for man to adopt a belief in practicing policy in every condition. There are two sides to the same facts from the way of belief and righteousness. Religion and God rest on faith and after realizing God's heartfelt heart, there is no other way than raising the religion.

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